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Make music or make a sound career but make something for goodness sake.

Your parents ever complain that you aren't getting out there?

I know what it is like when the dream killer come along and encourage you not to become the next starving artist. So that got me to thinking about finding a career that still gives me time to enjoy being an artist.

What is more flexible than real estate investing....nothing

so, I have been doing some research.

A word about real estate investing. Many of the gurus out there, at least the ones that are trying to make money teaching other people how to invest in real estate, can create a pie-in-the-sky perspective on making money in real estate.

Bigger pockets which is a large forum that real estate investors use in order to share their experiences, has a lot to say on the subject of learning how to do real estate investing from the so-called coaches.  I highly recommend this resource as it can save you a lot of time and energy when going out there and trying to learn new things.  If you decide to go the realtor path, you can check out this real estate school.

One of the guys that is making a big ripple effect out there is joshua smith real estate coach.

What seems to be very clear is that you need at least one or several mentors who will help you understand what it is that you do in real estate to make money efficiently and avoid pitfalls and risks associated with leveraging your money.

In general they warn about real estate gurus that are only interested in making sure that you spend your money with them. Each course and seminar promises to hold the keys to the next big deal.

The ingredients for the sales pitch? First they douse in a little bit of hope. The hope is that you'll go out and do well in real estate. Then, they throw in a healthy dose of curiosity. They tell stories about once this person or that person understands/or understood some unique secret principal then and only then were they able to go out and make a fortune in real estate.

So be aware as you get into all of it. But it may just be the right path to go.