Blue Flower


    I can see your face. You’re looking at my title—flarerecord—and thinking, He must’ve been high when he landed on that title.
    You’re partially right, because I’m often high; I live in California where we legalized marijuana, remember?  I have a weed farm, and I have to test my product, know what I mean?
    But it wasn’t being high that led to that title. It was my voice-to-text recorder. I was trying to say “FOR THE RECORD,” and the damn thing wrote it, FLARERECORD. I, of course, being just a tiny bit high, didn’t at that moment care about looking at it, so I fired it off, and the next thing I knew, my title was confirmed as FlareRecord.
    So there you have it.
    I don’t actually mind it so much. It kind of gets your attention a bit, don’t you think? At least, more so than “For the Record” would have.
    Anyway, I created this blog just to air my views about things. Somehow airing on a forum that the entire world can see is kind of empowering. I have the illusion of being heard. Even though the truth is that probably no one will read this, I know that theoretically, MILLIONS of people could read this.
    Like I said, it makes me feel sort of powerful. Like I’m on a stage with a vast audience before me. Hanging on to my every word. LOL. 
    Yeah, OK, I’ll got back to tending my pot plants.