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Make music or make a sound career but make something for goodness sake.

Your parents ever complain that you aren't getting out there?

I know what it is like when the dream killer come along and encourage you not to become the next starving artist. So that got me to thinking about finding a career that still gives me time to enjoy being an artist.

What is more flexible than real estate investing....nothing

so, I have been doing some research.

A word about real estate investing. Many of the gurus out there, at least the ones that are trying to make money teaching other people how to invest in real estate, can create a pie-in-the-sky perspective on making money in real estate.

Bigger pockets which is a large forum that real estate investors use in order to share their experiences, has a lot to say on the subject of learning how to do real estate investing from the so-called coaches.  I highly recommend this resource as it can save you a lot of time and energy when going out there and trying to learn new things.  If you decide to go the realtor path, you can check out this real estate school.

One of the guys that is making a big ripple effect out there is joshua smith real estate coach.

What seems to be very clear is that you need at least one or several mentors who will help you understand what it is that you do in real estate to make money efficiently and avoid pitfalls and risks associated with leveraging your money.

In general they warn about real estate gurus that are only interested in making sure that you spend your money with them. Each course and seminar promises to hold the keys to the next big deal.

The ingredients for the sales pitch? First they douse in a little bit of hope. The hope is that you'll go out and do well in real estate. Then, they throw in a healthy dose of curiosity. They tell stories about once this person or that person understands/or understood some unique secret principal then and only then were they able to go out and make a fortune in real estate.

So be aware as you get into all of it. But it may just be the right path to go.


    I can see your face. You’re looking at my title—flarerecord—and thinking, He must’ve been high when he landed on that title.
    You’re partially right, because I’m often high; I live in California where we legalized marijuana, remember?  I have a weed farm, and I have to test my product, know what I mean?
    But it wasn’t being high that led to that title. It was my voice-to-text recorder. I was trying to say “FOR THE RECORD,” and the damn thing wrote it, FLARERECORD. I, of course, being just a tiny bit high, didn’t at that moment care about looking at it, so I fired it off, and the next thing I knew, my title was confirmed as FlareRecord.
    So there you have it.
    I don’t actually mind it so much. It kind of gets your attention a bit, don’t you think? At least, more so than “For the Record” would have.
    Anyway, I created this blog just to air my views about things. Somehow airing on a forum that the entire world can see is kind of empowering. I have the illusion of being heard. Even though the truth is that probably no one will read this, I know that theoretically, MILLIONS of people could read this.
    Like I said, it makes me feel sort of powerful. Like I’m on a stage with a vast audience before me. Hanging on to my every word. LOL. 
    Yeah, OK, I’ll got back to tending my pot plants.

Location, Location, Location, but sometimes it can suck.

In my pre-California, pre-weed-bliss life, I lived for a while over a bakery in Switzerland.
I know. Go ahead and say it:  Damn! Rough life! 

Well, lemme tell you, it wasn't all wine and roses living over a Swiss bakery.

If I was in the real estate business, and I was an investor looking for some hot property, I’d for sure grab up that bakery because of its location, location, location. It was in the dead center of town. You could not get deader than that.

So it would be a sweet investment property for someone looking to host their business downstairs and live or rent out the upstairs.
But I’ll tell you the downside of living over a bakery.

People assume that the smell of baking bread is just faaaaaaabulous.  Well, rightly so.  I mean,  whenever my mom baked bread (in her dress and heels, with her hair done perfectly), the smell of it had me salivating for an hour. I knew how it would taste, hot out of the oven and slathered with butter.

However, let me disabuse you of that particular olfactory picture. Bread baking at this bakery always smelled . . . burned. Yep. Charred. Crisped. Overdone.

The Smell of Burned

Every morning that’s what wafted upstairs: the smell of BURNED.

Nope, not a great smell.  I guess that's just how they made the bread, though, because it was that way every day, day in and day out, apparently from a decades-long tradition of bake-it-till-it-smells-like-charcoal.

Now, here’s another thing. It’s kind of weird, and if I was investing in that place to rehab it and flip it or wholesale it or whatever, I’d for sure fix this.

My room was upstairs in the top floor. It was the master bedroom. For some reason, the breakers for the bakery were in a panel in the wall behind my bed. There were several times during my year there that the electricity went out downstairs.

So At 4 AM, baker boy came thundering up the stairs and pounded on the door of my bedroom to ask if he could get behind my bed to flip the breakers on. I always said of course, and he always apologized. But I tell you, it never started my day well.

I’ll give the guy props, though, because he usually made it up to me later in the day. He would bring me a giant platter full of delicious pastries and croissants and bread. With more apologies. That made the inconvenience almost worth it.

Sometimes I peeked into the bakery and watch them making things. I remember watching them make croissants. Do you have any idea how much butter goes into a single croissant? Holy crap. I vowed to never eat another croissant again! Or if I did, to reject butter the whole rest of the month. Oh, by the way, the smell of croissants baking was not like bread. Whole different story, that.

So yeah, that was me and my life over the Swiss bakery.

And just in case you were wondering watch the video on making croissants: